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Batman no am my idol

World's worst detective

24 November 1970
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Nothing is known specifically about the origin of Batzarro...other than that his origin is separate from Bizarro #1. What little is known is based off the observable facts. He speaks with imperfected english as Bizarro does, carries guns that go "!MALB" instead of "BLAM!", has an upside down bat on his chest, same as his utility belt with all the pockets open, uses gas bombs that explode with bright light, and wears a multitude of chains that prevent him from moving quietly. He also carries a ring of blue kryptonite

He seems inordinantly fascinated by the crime that took Batman's parents and has been trying to solve it by recreating it multiple times.

Presumably he knows everything Batman does...in his own unique little way.

Batzarro in action

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